Brands Get Human

By Dan Pritchard

What comes to the fore as AI generated content flies around the world and becomes entangled and embedded in everything?

Some say you can spot ChatGPT-produced content. Not always, and not for long.

Does it matter that AI generated content will get harder and harder to distinguish? 

Yes, if there are biases and unseen methods to how generative programmes do their work that we’re uncomfortable with. But it’s here. Alongside questioning, we have to decide what to do about it.

I’ve always been a mixer – couldn’t decide arts or science at school (I was the only one doing A-level History alongside Physics and Maths). I couldn’t decide at university. My History dissertation focused on the mashup between science and arts at the end of the 19th-century. As scientists peeled back the layers and discovered the molecular universe, as x-rays gave us spectre-like images of a world within everything and everyone, so Monet, Cezanne, Renoir, Pisarro and others were reimagining and rebuilding reality in other forms – starting in paint. Darwin’s Evolution of Man had been published in 1871, again smashing apart known norms to present us with a new reality. Shocking at the time, accepted as obvious today.

In those years, our perceptions of the world and therefore what was possible within it changed forever. Those pioneers did not know – they could not know – what it might mean for humanity. 

It is the same with AI. We must explore, challenge, play, question, create beauty and solutions, reveal new hidden realities and more.

Science and art must combine, push and pull, interrogate, collaborate and instigate opportunities.

At Program, we get to work with tech companies, science parks and other purpose-driven brands…

For us, it’s the continuation of what we’ve always known; be curious, engage, build a brand built on trust that matters to people and makes a difference in the world.

But it’s also the start of something new – every business, no matter how tech-focused, how built on rigour and process they are, now is the time to ‘lean into your human’.

Because it’s the essential humanity that’s going to achieve true connection, whichever medium you choose. 

  • Curiosity
  • Empathy
  • Self-awareness
  • Humility
  • Compassion 

Tik Tok or sculpture; Instagram or theatre; Linkedin or live music; these are the attributes you will need to nurture and push to the fore, if you truly want to stand out, be part of the solution and make a true positive difference. 

So I say ‘go Program team!’ 

This is the journey likeminded pioneers are on. 

And whichever tools you’re playing with, questioning, adopting and using, big up the Positive Impact Brands and Marketing fighting to put true humanity at its core.


By Emily Brotherton