The power of ‘us’: Bringing people together to deliver better results

Hi, I’m Emily, and I’m an Account Executive here at Program. I’m also the team’s Social Champion which means I get to plan all the fun stuff. Team skydive anyone? 

We work in the bustling world of marketing and PR and it can get BUSY, but when times get tough there lies a beacon of hope – the power of ‘us’. Yes, you read that right. Not just ‘me’, ‘myself’, and ‘I’, but ‘us’. It’s the secret sauce, the magic ingredient, the cherry on top of the corporate cake. But what makes a team not just good, but great? Let’s explore the benefits of bringing people together in the workplace, based on our very own rollercoaster ride at Program.

The workplace cappuccino

I like to think that social interactions are like a cup of coffee, able to transform a slow morning into a productivity marathon. That’s what social interactions do to a team. It’s about taking a step back and creating an environment where energy flows freely. Team lunches, cycling, trips to Bristol and Christmas dinners allow the team to bond away from KPIs and copywriting.

Takeaway: Get out of the office, step away from the routine. Your team will be back at their desks with an extra caffeine shot of energy to drive their performance.

From meh to marvellous

When I’m stuck on a problem, I know that someone in the team has probably come up against the same one. As a small team, it’s easy for us to come together and share ideas. Holding a small brainstorming session with team members who genuinely enjoy each other’s company can turn the most ‘meh’ of ideas into something truly marvellous. 

Takeaway: Big ideas sessions are great, but scheduling in smaller, more frequent creative get-togethers with different combinations of people makes for more interesting ideas.

The team that stumbles together, triumphs together

The marketing world sometimes feels like navigating a minefield while blindfolded. Having a social team makes it easier for team members to reach out for support, share the load, and bounce back from setbacks. It builds trust, and helps people reach out to each other when they need it most.

Takeaway: Informal socials and chit-chat opens up opportunities for team members to share their challenges, their lessons, and build rapport with each other.

So, what’s the verdict?

Is it beneficial to introduce more social events and office days? I think there’s only one answer here… YES. It’s not just about the office outings or team-building activity. It’s about everyday connectivity, support, and shared purpose.

So, the secret to a successful team? Embrace the power of ‘us’. It’s about making the workplace not just a place to work, but a place to connect, learn, have fun, and make memories.