5 Social media trends to watch in 2024

The social media world moves quickly and is constantly evolving, which is why it is key to stay on top of trends and leverage new technologies. In this blog, we explore some of the social media trends to look out for in 2024, and share practical tips that you can implement into your social media marketing. 

1. Entertainment-first content

Engaging your audience has become a game of wit and creativity. It’s all about captivating your audience’s attention with content that’s both entertaining and informative. Brands are no longer just bystanders but active participants, transforming trending moments into viral-worthy memes, and cleverly weaving themselves into the pop culture fabric. The secret? It’s not just about hopping on the bandwagon; it’s about infusing your brand with authenticity, humour and spontaneity.  

Action: Experiment with your content by posting memes or audience relatable content. Engage actively (acknowledge those comments and shares!) and use social listening by hosting Q&As or running a poll. 

How we can help you: Our team of brand experts and creatives will support you from generation of ideas through to execution.

2. Consistency and humanisation

Maintaining consistency in brand image while adding a human touch through relatable stories is the social media golden rule. It’s not just a cliche; people connect with people, not corporations. 56% ​​of consumers think that brands should be more relatable on social media. Being relatable means being human, captivating audiences with authentic narratives. Successful brands master this art, creating likeable personas by embracing approachability and genuine storytelling.

Action: Maintain consistency by ensuring your company has a brand book and  clear tone of voice guidelines.

How we can help you: Let us help you create an amazing brand book that gives you the exact guidance you need to create true-to-brand content and communications.

3. The revolution of AI 

The AI revolution is reshaping social media content creation. AI tools like ChatGPT can help marketers come up with concepts to help with creating content. Social media platforms themselves are integrating generative AI tools into workflows, transforming how content is made and shared. TikTok allows you to customise your feed based on AI, and LinkedIn now offers AI-assisted candidate sourcing. 

Action: Keep an eye out for new AI features on social media platforms and watch how brands use them for maximum efficiency. But be careful of churning out generic content. AI is fantastic for making content creation faster, but make sure you still have a human-led approach and keep ideas authentic and aligned with your brand. 

How we can help you: We can already spot AI generated content a mile off. Let us advise you on when and how to effectively use tools such as Chat GPT to support your marketing without losing the human element.

4. Focus on ROI

In 2024, the spotlight is on effectiveness and productivity, moving beyond trends to prioritise ROI-focused approaches. Identifying successful tactics and key platforms while fine-tuning content variety is essential. Marketers must prioritise strategies that showcase clear returns. 

Action: Evaluate and refine social media activities based on their ROI. Focus on strategies that have a demonstrable impact on the bottom line. Measure, adjust, repeat.

How we can help you: We can help you establish a metrics and reporting strategy so you can effectively track ROI.

5. Platform specialisation and tailored content

Maintaining brand presence across multiple platforms can be difficult – the average social media user logs into about seven platforms each month! Social media marketing must focus on specific platforms that align with your objectives rather than spreading across all. Tailoring content to suit each platform’s unique traits is crucial for engaging audiences effectively. Avoid generic cross-posting, and adapt content to platform nuances to enhance user engagement.

Action: Embrace new platforms with tailored content to match diverse audience preferences. Using short-form video content on Instagram, long-form posts on Linkedin and injecting humour into your TikTok content can also improve engagement. 

How we can help you: Standout content and campaigns is our thing; let us help you work out the priorities and get creative.

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