“For the love of brands!”: Why generating ‘brand love’ is so important

The love bug is alive and well at Program this February and it’s got us thinking all about the brands we adore.

A quick unscientific poll of the brands we love in the Program Exeter and Bristol offices gave us Lego, John Lewis, Spotify, IKEA, Innocent Drinks and Patagonia. The reasons behind our ‘brand love’ ranged from enthusiasm for clever personalised brand experiences to ‘I can’t wait to see their Christmas advert this year’ (you can guess the brand this comment was about). Try the same exercise with your colleagues for a spot of lively discussion. 

Why do we develop an attachment to our favourite brands? 

It all comes down to ‘brand love’, an extension of brand loyalty. It happens when a consumer experiences a high source of emotion from a brand which has clearly communicated its purpose and identity – usually over a sustained period of time (you have to put the work in for true ‘brand love’). 

Those who experience ‘brand love’ have reported sensations of warmth and familiarity when exposed to the brand in question and are more prone to impulse buying from brands that create this response. 

It’s true, ‘brand love’ has proven to inspire feelings of passion, positive emotional connection and even distress at the thought of separation. Just like your favourite Netflix show, you can run the whole gamut of emotions with ‘brand love’ too.

This is good news for marketers! Inspiring ‘brand love’ helps find a way to your audience’s heart, through a faithful, long-term relationship with your business.

It also applies to B2C and B2B marketing. Whether you’re attracting more customers or a new supplier, we all go weak in the knees for the brands we love best.

Brand marketing campaigns we love…

Here’s a couple of examples of marketing campaigns that have got us feeling all ‘brand loved-up’.

Avon’s new ‘Embrace your power’ campaign: We love the sheer power of self-love that this campaign emanates. The campaign’s new video features inspiring music, bold colours and an empowering voice-over that shares a message of self-love, equality and diversity. We can’t help but feel ‘brand love’ for the brands that remind us to love ourselves. You can read up on the campaign here

WeTransfer’s ‘Please Leave’ campaign: How about indulging in a spot of ‘brand love’ for a tool that makes our life (at least for us marketers) that little bit easier? WeTransfer’s global ‘Please Leave’ campaign tickles our creative spot with a soothing, poetic, visually nostalgic campaign video. Any brand that tells us to take a rain check and recharge our creativity levels deserves our adoration. Check out the campaign video for yourself here

Have you got ‘brand love’ goals of your own this 2023? Our team of creatives would love to find out more! 


By Emma Anderson