Power of 3

Is your marketing strategy human-centric? Do you really know the people you’re engaging with? And have you ever reached the point where you see customers as true individuals, each with their own habits and quirks, interests and idiosyncrasies? 

That hallelujah moment is rare.

When grappling with email subscriber lists, segmented audiences and a CRM system stacked with data, it’s not so easy to take a step back and remember; “I love my job because it’s all about PEOPLE!”

It has to be. That’s why we got into marketing in the first place, right? 

Working within an overburdened marketing team, responding to requests across the business, keeping the ‘content wheels’ turning and crafting creative campaigns aligned to objectives agreed way back, when the world wasn’t quite so chaotic. The marketing manager’s lot is not always an easy one.

So how can we help? Let me introduce you to the Power of Three.

It’s our way to make sure you put ‘the human’ at the heart of your marketing. 

Think of your marketing as three threads. They twist and turn, entwining in many different ways. They are interlinked yet they remain three distinct threads to your work. And each has people at its core.

1 Personal brand – develop the personal brand of every person in your organisation. Multiple touchpoints, across numerous digital platforms, friendship and business networks, can radically boost engagement. It might sound daunting, but if you don’t realise the potential of all your people, it’s a wasted opportunity.

2 Company brand – it’s often stated, but it still matters: find your true north. Too much marketing is ‘on repeat’, doing what we’ve always done because it’s now just a habit. Step out of the long grass, consider the bigger picture. Work on your purpose, your big goals and SMART objectives.

The only way to do this effectively is to work with the people across your organisation. Don’t assume; don’t do it in isolation. Reach out, engage, ask questions, listen, learn and then respond.

Once those key building blocks are in place (backed with proper audience insight of course), then it’s time to map out the tactics. And remember, create the framework to stay SMART. Regular reviews, monthly reporting, quarterly strategy sessions. It’s how we work with clients, helping them to stay focused on their true north. 

3 Brand community – if you can find – or create – yours, then that focus on Personal and Company brand can be significantly amplified. Working with tech brands, Tech South West was the perfect community for Program to build. Treating people as individuals, listening and responding to what tech leaders need, has helped us create a vibrant community of over 3000 people that enriches the region, does good work and supports and celebrates the entire tech sector.

So, the Power of Three: Personal Brand; Company brand: Brand community. Three threads that underpin a human-centric approach to marketing. Work on them all as part of your marketing strategy and you unlock the human capacity for caring, sharing and mutual support.

And, rather wonderfully, it makes it that much easier to remember why you got into this marketing gig in the first place – people and their endless capacity to amaze, surprise and delight.

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