Technology brands setting the bar for positive impact marketing campaigns

Blog written by Isobel Shaw, Account Manager and Sustainability Champion at Program

Image from Samsung’s ‘Unfear’ campaign

Impactful marketing goes beyond driving sales. It’s about nurturing a greener, kinder, world. In this article, I’m taking a look at the transformative power of positive impact marketing, and exploring a few stand-out tech campaigns that will spark your imagination.

  1. Google & Patagonia: ‘This Is Bears Ears’

In a joint effort to keep Bears Ears National Monument from coming under state ownership, Patagonia and Google collaborated to create ‘This Is Bears Ears’, a captivating virtual reality (VR) film series.

Through 360-degree video and VR technology, the campaign developed awareness among the wider US population about the threatened national monument. The films bring to life the stories of the five Native American tribes who live there, and the athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the incredible landscape.

What we love about it

Google’s VR technology allows the campaign to successfully pull people into the environment, to connect with them on a human, emotional level and allow them to experience the issue at hand.

Watch the video.

  1. Edina Energy & Wunderman Thompson: ‘WaterLight’

Creative agency Wunderman Thompson and renewable energy startup Edina collaborated on ’WaterLight’, a revolutionary device that can transform half a litre of saltwater into 45 days of light.

Wunderman Thompson turned to the Wayúu, an indigenous community on the Colombia and Venezuela border, who have limited access to electricity, but whose desert environment is surrounded by the sea. 

What we love about it

By drawing inspiration from indigenous communities to design WaterLight, the team ensured their device would effectively meet the needs of the end user, while making use of the resources available to them. 

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  1. The Body Shop & Airlabs: Anti-pollution bus stops

The Body Shop partnered with green tech start-up Airlabs to launch an innovative campaign at three central London bus stops. By incorporating air-cleaning units into their advertising, the initiative aimed to reduce Londoners’ exposure to polluted air, while inspiring other companies to join the effort for clean city air. The technology efficiently removed pollutants, delivering up to 95% cleaner air.

The year before the campaign, The Body Shop announced its ambition to become “the most ethical and truly sustainable global business,” in the world.

What we love about it

The campaign aligns perfectly with The Body Shop’s purpose, ‘to fight for a fairer, more beautiful world’. By having a tangible, measurable effect, the campaign’s focus on positive impact is driven home in a way that feels genuine and authentic to their brand.

Watch the video.

  1. Dell Technologies & Intel: ‘I will always be me’

Dell Technologies and Intel, in collaboration with the Motor Neurone Disease Association and Rolls-Royce, teamed up with VMLY&R to develop “I will always be me,” an innovative book for individuals living with motor neurone disease (MND). Inspired by the insight that only 12% of people with MND bank their voices, the book preserves voices by recording them reading aloud, offering a unique and immersive digital experience. 

The campaign’s launch included a touching documentary showcasing people with MND and their families as they experienced the book for the first time. More than 72% of people recently diagnosed with MND are now using ‘I Will Always Be Me’ to bank their voice.

What we love about it

The campaign drew upon human connection to add emotional depth to the film, connecting the audience to the real life impact of MND.

Watch the video.

  1. Apple: ‘The Greatest’

On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Apple took the opportunity to highlight its accessibility features. Through a poignant two-and-a-half minute film, the Apple showcased seven individuals living their everyday lives, attending school and spending time with friends. 

The film demonstrates how people with disabilities use Apple’s accessibility features, such as Sound Recognition for the deaf, exemplified when an Apple Watch alerts a woman to her baby crying, and Detection Mode, enabling people with vision impairment to navigate their surroundings.

What we love about it

The film is dynamic, positive, energetic, and a joy to watch, and strikes a balance between portraying a range of people and their disabilities, while keeping the technology front and centre.

Watch the video.

  1. Samsung: Unfear

Samsung España collaborated with Cheil Worldwide Spain to develop an AI app for people with autism who face auditory sensitivity challenges. This innovative app, called Unfear, aims to alleviate discomfort triggered by distressing sounds like sirens or road works.

The campaign for the app centred around a poignant short film portraying the daily struggles of individuals on the autism spectrum, and how with the assistance of Unfear, people can reduce the volume of distressing sounds. This way, they can experience the real world without feeling isolated by using traditional noise-cancelling headphones.

What we love about it

The campaign focused on a specific and overlooked need, showing Samsung’s dedication to genuinely making a difference with their innovative technology. 

Watch the video.


Technology has opened up innovative new ways of connecting people and driving positive change. Whether it’s using technology to engage with audiences through VR, or creating inspiring campaigns that champion a diverse range of voices, I’m excited to see how future developments continue to change the face of marketing.