What is Positive Impact Anyway?

Positive impact is a journey. Some businesses are already underway. Others are just starting to consider what this could mean for their organisation.

It could be efforts to reach net zero carbon, supporting diverse and emerging talent, or the products and services developed.

At Program, we’re committed to working with brands that make a positive impact. But we’re diving deeper, by exploring the challenges and opportunities around being a positive impact brand — with a research project now live.

The Survey

We have questions. What does ‘positive impact’ mean for your business? How does it impact the bottom line? What difference does it make to attracting and retaining talent? What matters to your customers and teams today? What matters to your future customers and talent?

We could ask ChatGPT to make something up, but being humans we’d like to hear from humans. If that's you, please contribute to our Positive Impact Business Survey. It’s your chance to have your say on this important piece of work and sign up to receive a copy of the results.

The Summit

We are also running the first South West of England Positive Impact Summit, on Thursday September 14, at the University of Exeter Business School. The Summit will bring together brand leaders and experts to exchange ideas, gain practical knowledge and deepen their understanding of positive impact in business. Find out more and register your interest in the event here.

The Report

By the end of the year, we will have pulled together information, case studies, insight and research to publish our first Positive Impact Insight Report, packed with findings and guidance to help those intent on progressing their positive impact agenda.

Dan Pritchard, CEO of Program, said: “Whatever stage you’re at, our focus on positive impact for business is about understanding and learning, helping and encouraging each other, and making a bigger difference together. It would be fantastic if you can get involved, learn, encourage and progress your positive impact journey.”

Get Involved

Take the Positive Impact survey here.

Register your interest in the South West of England Positive Impact Summit below.


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