Celebrate your goodness with a brand goodness report

Doing smashing things for life on our planet? Good for you. With buyer filters now including good ethics, now’s the time to shout about it.

Why would you get an impact report made by us?

More and more, buyers are factoring in the goodness of their suppliers. That’s ‘good’ as in environmentally friendly, altruistic, charitable — that sort of thing. Customers and clients will favour you if they know that you’re doing those things. (At least, not the evil ones.)

We can help you communicate and share your good. We’ll gather your verifiable data and stories, work our magic and make a beautiful, inspiring, on-brand, persuasive report, and package that up with all sorts of ways you can use it as a sales tool.

After all, the more sales you make, the more good you can do. Win win.

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Your report would fit your brand and goodness message, and would be between 12 and 24 pages.

Your impact report in eight easy steps. The last one is the best one.


Get to know all about you

A lot of questions will come your way — some digitally, some humanly — and we'll discuss your sustainability/CSR/ESG/do-good goals, achievements, future plans, data suite and scope for your impact report. This will set the foundations and framework of the project.


Build a content plan and messaging

From that newfound knowledge of your goodness, we’ll develop of a stand-out creative concept aligned to your brand identity, as well the report project’s intent statement and more. Of course, we’ll check in with you to make sure we’re singing from the right hymn sheet and realign if necessary.


Data gathering

We take the data, stories and insights that highlight the impact of your work and collect testimonials with your stakeholders — clients, customers, employees, partners and so on — to consider for inclusion in the report.


Sit comfortably for some true storytelling

Your impact report's creation. We tell your story with a relatable and engaging narrative in your brand’s tone of voice. Expect a visual feast of infographics, testimonials, uplifting statements, case studies, imagery and data visuals that captivate and inform.


Review and Refine

We’ll throw in three rounds of edits to ensure your brand impact report perfectly fulfils your objectives and — all being well — exceeds your expectations. We want to get this right: to be on-brand, accurate and persuasive in all the right ways to benefit your unique and good business.


The grand communications plan

There are more marketing years at Program than you can shake a stick at. You will benefit from our expert consultancy with a dynamic communications roadmap for multi-channel activation. From your website to social channels, presentation, and PR, we’ve got you covered.


Delivery of your impact report — plus a package of marketing assets and deployment advice

You will receive the report as a PDF to print or share digitally. To help push it out into the world, we’ll also provide a selection of pulled highlights, re-visualised and optimised for social channels along with an accompanying user manual.

You'll learn how to:

  • Run a successful lead gen campaign based around your impact report
  • Turn your impact report into a standout content campaign
  • Use your impact report to build key relationships with target clients via LinkedIn


Feel the love

Benefit from a new understanding of the good you do as your network reads all about it. Those (non-evil) customers will add a lot more points to your tally, your people will feel proud of the work you do, you'll feel warm and fuzzy inside, and others will be inspired to do more good. So many wins.

Ready to get loud and proud about your impact? Get in touch to find out more.