What we do: Marketing Strategy

Powering your brand marketing strategy

Our marketing strategy specialists power brands to deliver true positive impact - for sustainable growth, delighted customers and new opportunities.

The Program Marketing Process is our highly successful step-by-step method that builds the very best marketing strategy and marketing campaigns for your business needs.

Great marketing and brand strategy delivers on your business goals. That's why our approach is insight-driven; going deep to make sure we understand your brand identity, vision and goals, product and market, current and future brand opportunity.

Building your strategic marketing plan

First comes an understanding of your business goals.

Then it's the deep dive into brand and marketing activities; what are your products or services, current strategies, tactics and ROI.

Next comes strategic decisions; SMART marketing objectives that align with company objectives, segmenting the target audiences and developing brand positioning and targeting strategies for each.

With a highly-focused brand strategy agreed, we move to the first creative campaign. We pride ourselves on developing the 'big idea' and matching it with a truly wow creative approach. 

Campaigns must chime with your audience - we want them excited, engaged and motivated to respond. Every idea and creative approach is rooted in our deep understanding of your brand and target markets.

A campaign action plan, including resourcing, budgets and timescales, is developed to ensure a clear roadmap for delivering a winning campaign.

We measure key metrics for every element of the campaign, to ensure we hit objectives and track true ROI.

Activating your brand marketing strategy

With the brand marketing strategy and first campaign ready to roll, your Account team gets on with the task of delivery.

Campaigns are varied because we always build them to work for each individual client. Educational content Content, social media, email marketing, PR, events, video, insight reports, surveys, brand partnerships - there are a range of possibilities.

Clear targets and milestones are detailed in the action plan, and your dedicated Account Manager and communications schedule ensures regular liaison and updates on progress and successes.

Learnings and new opportunities emerge during campaigns. These are captured and shared with the client as part of the reporting process, and feed into the overall brand marketing strategy - continuous improvement.

Talk with us

Marketing can power true opportunity. That's why we love working with positive impact B2B companies and strong brands striving for a better tomorrow. If that's you, then we would love to have a conversation.

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